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Other Issues to be discussed at the International Board

Other Issues to be discussed at the International Board (IB) Meeting in Azerbaijan:

  1. Election Procedures of EC members
  2. Hosting IJSO by each members must be announced after five years of joining.

Propose The Schedule for the IB Meeting to the LOC of the 6th IJSO

IJSO Statutes (to be discussed)

IJSO Statutes (to be discussed / modified / edited at the 6th IJSO in Azerbaijan) available at Download

New Participant Countries

The member of IJSO is now reaching 57 countries. According to the statue of IJSO starting 2009 at the 6th IJSO in Baku-Azerbaijan, each new country that has never been participating IJSO previously, will not be allowed to participate directly with a full team, but the representative of each new country must first come as an observer.

Vice President of IJSO and President of Society for International Gifted in Science (SIGS) Visiting Indonesia

Prof. Sang Chun Lee (Vice President of IJSO for Asian region) accompanied by his wife and Prof. Hasuck Kim (president of Society for International Gifted in Science) were visiting Indonesia from January 8th - 12th, 2008.

Story of the 3rd IJSO in Sao Paulo-Brazil

The 3rd IJSO was held in Sao Paulo-Brazil from Dec 3rd-12th, 2006 chaired by Prof. Ozimar Da Silva Pereira. Thirty countries were finally came to joint the competition. Most of delegation came on Dec 3rd, but some countries were arrived one day earlier.

All delegations were happy to come to Sao Paulo, and never expected that they will not meet any LOC members at the Guaralhos Airport. Since most of them who came for the 1st and 2nd IJSO in Indonesia (Jakarta and Yogyakarta) experienced that they all took a good care by the LOC.

Minutes of The Executive Meeting in Seoul, August 3-7, 2006


  1. Professor Masno Ginting, President, IJSO
  2. Professor Sang Chun Lee, Vice President, Asia
  3. Dr. Paraic James, Vice President, Europe
  4. Dr. Mukundi Wairi, Vice President, Africa
  5. Dr. Michael Cotter, Treasurer
  6. Dr. Eckhard Lucius, Public Relations Officer
  7. Kingsley Imade, Secretary General


  1. Professor Ozimar da Silva Pereira, Vice President [America]


The following decisions were raised on the above