Minutes of The Executive Meeting in Seoul, August 3-7, 2006

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  1. Professor Masno Ginting, President, IJSO
  2. Professor Sang Chun Lee, Vice President, Asia
  3. Dr. Paraic James, Vice President, Europe
  4. Dr. Mukundi Wairi, Vice President, Africa
  5. Dr. Michael Cotter, Treasurer
  6. Dr. Eckhard Lucius, Public Relations Officer
  7. Kingsley Imade, Secretary General


  1. Professor Ozimar da Silva Pereira, Vice President [America]


The following decisions were raised on the above

  1. That 3rd LOC should ensure that invitations letters are sent to old and new participating countries latest August 31, 2006. The 3rd LOC should also make it easy for countries to register online.
  2. The IJSO Office in Indonesia should also prepare a letter for the relevant Ministry in each country latest August 31.
  3. The 3rd IJSO should notify all their embassies in participating countries to make obtaining a visa easy.
  4. The 3rd IJSO should also contact the participating countries embassies in Brazil to invite them to either opening or closing ceremony.
  5. The ECM proposed that the President and Vice President [Asia] visit Brazil as soon as possible to help the 3rd LOC in their preparation.
  6. It was generally agreed that henceforth the LOC of any hosting country must host an ECM at least four months before the event.
  7. The ECM also officially endorsed and granted the hosting of 5th IJSO (2008) to South Korea. Azerbaijan may host the 6th edition (2009).
  8. The ECM also proposed that each continent should try and increase the number of participant countries from their regions starting from the 3rd IJSO in Brazil.
  9. The Secretary was also mandated to ensure that the updated email addresses of IB members are set in place.
  10. The Financial report was presented by the treasurer, Michael Cotter. The financial balance stands at 6,243.56 Euros.
  11. The ECM also approved the sum of $4,500 for the upkeep of the IJSO office in Indonesia. An invoice should be sent to the treasurer to effect the withdrawal of the sum from the account.
  12. The ECM also approved that there might be a minister's conference during the 5th IJSO in Gyeongyam, Korea 2008. Each IB member is expected to start promoting this Minister's conference.


The Executive Meeting held on Friday, August 4, 2006.

  1. Visit to the Korean sacred palace on Friday, August 4, 2006.
  2. 2006 Society for International Gifted in Science [SIGS]-Conference on the international trends on the science education system for gifted students held on Saturday, August 5, 2006.
    : Seoul Education and Cultural Education Centre
    Professor Hasuck Kim [Seoul National University]
    Mr. Hang Sik Park [Ministry of Science and Technology]
    Dr. Si Joong Kim [Former Minister of Science and Technology]
    IJSO Executive Committee Members
  3. Excursion to the Geoje Island on Sunday, August 6, 2006.
  4. Official Signing of the MOU among IJSO, SIGS and Gyeongnam Province, August 7, 2006.
    Place: Office of the Governor, Gyeongsangnam-do Changwon City
    Vice Governor: Chang Seuk Kong
    President of SIGS: Professor Hasuck Kim
    President of IJSO: Professor Masno Ginting
  5. Official Lunch Hosted by the Vice Governor of the Gyeongnam Province.
  6. Official Reception at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Seoul, August 7, 2006.
    Place: MOST, Pyeongchang
    Officials of MOST
    Director-General: Hang Sik Park
    Director: Jaesick Kim


The finances for the ECM in Seoul were fully provided by SIGS of Korea.


Professor Masno Ginting

Vice Presidents
Dr. Paraic James (Ireland)
Prof. Sang Chun Lee (Republic of Korea)
Dr. Mukundi Wairi (Kenya)
Prof. Ozimar Da Silva Paraire (Brazil)

Kingsley Imade (Nigeria)