Formal 5 minutes Spech on the opening of 5th IJSO

Formal 5 minutes Spech on the opening of 5th IJSO

Distinguish Guests:
Minister of Education Science and Technology: Dr. Byong-Man Ahn
Governor of Gyeongnam Province: Dr. Tae ho Kim
Chairman of Organizing Committee of the 5th IJSO: Prof. Sang Chun Lee
Executive Committee members of IJSO
International Organizing Committee of IJSO
All Leaders, Parents, Guides
All students the participants of the 5th IJSO

It is my pleasure to be here with all of you today, at the opening ceremony of the 5th IJSO in Changwon Exhibition Convention Center.

I am proud to say that the IJSO is one of the fastest growing among Science competitions. We started the 1st IJSO in Jakarta-Indonesia in 2004 with 33 countries to participate. Today at the 5th IJSO, there are already 49 countries to participate, although a few countries are coming for the first time as observers. At this opportunity, I would like to welcome you all who are coming to observe how actually the IJSO is held.

Welcome to the Family of IJSO! We do really expect that at the next IJSO you all will come with a full team.
I would like also to welcome all new countries who just come for the first time to joint IJSO with a full team. Since the member of IJSO is now reaching 57 countries, starting next year at the 6th IJSO in Baku-Azerbaijan, according to our statue, each new country will not be allowed to come with a full team, but must first come as an observer.

At this 5th IJSO, We actually predicted that around 60 countries will joint us, since all Executive Committee members, Local Organizing Committees, and also the head quarter of IJSO in Jakarta, had worked very-very hard in promoting IJSO and also inviting many new countries.
However there are only 49 countries shown up here in Changwon. We think that this happen due to what I call it as “the Silent Tsunami” from USA.

I am also very proud for the works of all members of the Local Organizing Committee under the Chairmanship of Prof. Sang Chun Lee, who is still able to keep the 5th IJSO is running smoothly, although The Republic of Korea is also hit by that Silent Tsunami.
The International Science Festival that is also held during the 5th IJSO, which is responded with very high enthusiasms by so many young students with variety of ages, parents, universities, and companies related to science is really impressed us all.

I understand that these all will not be possible, without the strong support by the Government of the Republic of Korea, The government of Gyeongnam Province, and all private companies and universities either financially or physically. At this opportunity, as the President of IJSO, I would like to express my highest gratitude for the supports that has been given for success of the 5th IJSO.

For all the private companies that are supporting the 5th IJSO, I do hope that it will continue their supports for IJSO events, not only here in Korea, but also when it will be held in other countries.  It should be realized that these smart and very talent young students from all over the world will be the ambassadors for your companies in their countries.

Finally, I do really hope that all of us who are coming here, Leaders, parents, no matter from which parts of this world we are, let our students compete fairly in Science, and then let them also enjoy the beauty and the variety of the good foods of this Country, especially at this Gyeongnam Province.

For the students, may you all give the best of the best that you all have during solving the problems that you will receive from the Scientifics Committee. After doing your best for the problems, no matter how you did it, try also your best to forget them. You all must remember that there are also other things that are also very important for all of you to do, such as to learn from each other, and make an everlasting friendship in your life long ahead.  

Good luck to all of you.

Thank You/Gamsahamnida

Prof. Dr. Masno Ginting.
President of  IJSO