Yang Hung I, The Best Theory Winner of The 4th IJSO

I am Eric Yang, growing up in southern part of Taiwan. Now, I am studying in first grade at National Tainan first senior high school. I enjoy sports, especially badminton. My family and I often go to the suburban area to ride bikes. I am learning kung-fu now, particularly in karate do. I will get into another certified level of it if everything is going smoothly. I also like reading, literature, comics, scientific magazines and science monthly. The contest I attended was the fourth International Junior Science Olympiad competition.

Since Taiwan happened to be the host country in the fourth International Junior Science Olympiad competition, students from Taiwan didn’t have a problem of getting used to the new environment but relatively, we didn’t have the chance to go abroad. During the period of contest, in order to let professors have time to translate questions and grade papers, basically, the contest is on every other day so we had a lot of time to know students from other countries. Because of my poor English and not being good at socializing, I spent most of my time with students from my country. Now, I look back at it and think it is a pity that I didn’t take the chance to get to know foreign students.

The extent of concern of this contest is different for every country. Students from some countries are free to attend it; others like from Taiwan have been selected and trained strictly. Therefore, students’ performances are quite opposite.However, I think this contest would be an unforgettable experience to every student from all countries. From the grand opening ceremony every student wore the traditional costume of their country, wearing business suits to visit a zoo, the experiment test of cutting lemon to make fruit batteries to all students from different countries going out together at night to explore are all remarkable scenes. From my point of view, I think what does matters is things you learned and experiences you had during the contest and what doesn’t matter is whether you won or not.

International Junior Science Olympiad competition to me is a wonderful and treasured experience. They all made a joyful and special memory from intense competitions of selecting processes, hardship of our being trained and intension of contests while the whole course of this contest was full of hardship but it was worthy. I am happy that I am the overall winner and feel that all the hard work I have done is paid back even though it is not the most important thing but I am still contented. Of course, I am grateful to professors for their help and instructions. During the contest, I improved a lot in every aspect. I hope students from all over the world for International Junior Science Olympiad competition will grow, think from different angles and make a lot of friends.

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