Host Country of IJSO

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1. First IJSO 5-14 December, 2004
Indonesia, Jakarta
2. Second IJSO 4-13 December, 2005
Indonesia, Yogyakarta
3. Third IJSO 3-12 December, 2006
Brazil, Sao Paulo
4. Fourth IJSO 2-11 December, 2007
Taipei, Taiwan
5. Fifth IJSO 7-16 December, 2008
Gyeong-Nam, Republic of Korea
6. Sixth IJSO 2-11 December 2009
Baku, Azerbaijan
7. Seventh IJSO 2-10 December 2010
Abuja, Nigeria
8. Eigth IJSO 1-10 December, 2011
Durban, South Africa
9. Nineth IJSO 1-10 December, 2012
Kish Island-Persian Gulf, Iran
10. Tenth IJSO December, 2013
Mumbai, India

2 thoughts on “Host Country of IJSO

  1. We are from Cambodia, an IJSO country member.
    Could you guide us how can we access the information detailly about IJSO 2012? What web address? and how to register? or how can we contact to JISO 2012 manager?

  2. Dear Set Seng
    We have tried hard to communicate with Dina Izadi about the 9th IJSO in Iran. we will inform it immediately on our web: whenever we have an important news. Or contact me directly or other EC members, if it necessary. BTW, try check



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