IJSO 2015

The International Junior Science Olympiad 2015 will be held at Kyungpook National University in South Korea, for more information please visit the official website for this event:


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Ranking for 8th IJSO 2011

No Country Gold Silver Bronze Medal Mark
1. Chinese Taipei 6 18
2. Thailand 3 3 15
3. Russian Federation 3 3 15
4. Singapore 3 3 15
5. South Korea 3 3 15
6. India 2 4 14
7. Hong Kong 1 5 13
8. Hungary 1 4 1 12
9. Germany 1 1 4 9
10. Romania 2 4 8
11. Vietnam 3 3 9
12. Brazil 3 3 9
13. Indonesia 3 3 9
14. Serbia 2 4 8
15. Phillipines 3 2 8
16. Slovakia 1 5 7
17. Lithuania 1 2 4
18. Netherlands 1 4 6
19. South Africa 5 5
20. Azerbaijan 1 1 3
21. Estonia 6 6
22. Moldova 4 4
23. Myanmar 3 3
24. Argentina 2 2
25. Zimbabwe 2 2
26. Ghana 3 3
27. Croatia 1 1
28. Kazakhstan 1 1
29. Ireland 1 1
30. Australia 1 1
31. Sri Lanka 1 1
32. Cyprus 1 1
33. Kenya 1 1
34. Nigeria 2 2
35. Iran 1 1
36. Czech Republic 1 1
37. Tajikistan 1 1
38. U.A.E. Dubai 1 1
39. Kuwait 1 1
Total Medals 23 46 75


Experimental Results :

No Country Student Name
1. Thailand Angkoolpakdeekul Thanat
Wathanapenpaiboon Sorawich
Kulsumetha Natcha
2. Hong Kong Cheng Justin Ho-ching
Lo Kwun-yu
Cheung Ka-nam
3. Singapore Tan Gabriel
Cho Ming En
Lim Shu Ning


Theory Ranking :

No Country Student Name
1. Chinese Taipei Chang Bo-Jyun
2. Chinese Taipei Hsu Shiuan-Hao
3. Chinese Taipei Chang Cyuan-Han
4. Russian Federation Maksutov Aynur
5. South Korea Kim Sun Hae
6. Russian Federation Didin Maxim
7. South Korea Hwang In Su
8. Chinese Taipei Yang Tsung-Shan
9. South Korea Choi Hyeok
10. Chinese Taipei Pan Kung-You
11. Germany Sonner Michael
12. Chinese Taipei Huang Jian-Tong
13. India Tappu Chaitanya
14. Hungary Horicsanyi Attila
15. Thailand Pornpanawan Sanhanat
16. Singapore Tan Gabriel
17. Singapore Lim Yong Hui
18. Thailand Angkoolpakdeekul Thanat
19. Thailand Wathanapenpaiboon Sorawich
20. Singapore Qu Xinyi
21. Russian Federation Khabarov Maxim
22. India Mulagalapalli Ritika
23. Thailand Kulsumetha Natcha

Xu Nai Lun, The Overall and Best Theoretical Winner of The 3rd IJSO

I am Nai Lun, Xu, the winner of Best Theoretical prize and Overall prize, from Chinese Taipei. Now, I am studying in second grade at National Tainan first senior high school. My interests are physics and chemistry. I like researching theories. Besides, I also enjoy doing experiments. I won the gold medal of International Junior Science Olympiad competition in 2006. After that, I was in the third place of APHO in 2008. I have been into science since I was very little. I am interested in International Junior Science Olympiad competition because the elder student at our school won the silver medal of it in 2004. Therefore, I attended it in 2006 and won the gold medal.

In my country, Taiwan, the selecting processes of national champions are two stages. In the first stage, there are about thirty students passing the qualification exam. In the second stage, six students are selected after 10 days intensive training.

I knew many excellent contestants from a selecting and training camp in my country. We discussed with each other. Basically, courses in the first phase of camp were not very difficult for us to understand and we comprehended most of what professors taught us but no one was sure about being selected since each of us has its specialty. I was lucky enough to be one of our final selected national champions eventually. Besides my happiness, I looked forward to accepting following challenges.

After becoming a national champion, the workload of training courses in an official camp is much heavier than that of training courses in a selecting and training camp. Everyday I needed to push myself harder and harder. Therefore, I studied much harder in an official camp than in a selecting and training one. As I expected, I learned a lot. The main courses in an official camp were physics, chemistry, and biology, my weakness. I thought no matter how hard I studied biology, I wouldn’t make any progress but it turned out I was wrong. After harder and harder studying, I made a great progress.

Students in our official camp are many more compared to those in our official camp before. After three month intensive training, we left for Brazil. We jumped on an opportunity to appreciate traditional costumes of different countries in grand opening ceremony. The next several days, we focused on the contest. I thought I was doing ok in multiple choices and essays but the very next day the experiment went terribly bad. I haven’t done any experiments of ferment of yeasts before. After the experiment, we knew we didn’t stand a chance on winning the gold medal at all. But things went well unexpectedly. Five of us got the gold medal, including me. I was quite surprised when I heard I was awarded a special prize although I was very satisfied with my theoretical part.

It is about five months from deciding to attend this competition, becoming national champion to even getting the gold medal and a special prize. The efforts I have made and cultivation and resources my country has provided within five months help me make the highest achievement in this stage. Besides the achievement, I have learned a lot of knowledge most junior high school students haven’t learned through. Moreover, I have learned how to look at things in different angles. Although the competition was not perfect, I still had a lot of communication and exchange of opinions and knowledge. Therefore, I realized in future the competition was not only in Taiwan but also in the whole world. Without contribution from all over the world, the competition of IJSO will not be held. Under the efforts of many countries, International Junior Science Olympiad was formed. For those who participate in the competition, how can you not try your best? I was not touched deeply in Brazil by the thought that we should cherish the chance to make foreign friends. I think and think after being back home and feel regret that I didn’t jump on the chance to make friends when I could. Maybe in some students’ opinions, winning a gold medal and a special prize is very important but to me making some foreign friends and interacting with them are the main purposes of this competition.

Yang Hung I, The Best Theory Winner of The 4th IJSO

I am Eric Yang, growing up in southern part of Taiwan. Now, I am studying in first grade at National Tainan first senior high school. I enjoy sports, especially badminton. My family and I often go to the suburban area to ride bikes. I am learning kung-fu now, particularly in karate do. I will get into another certified level of it if everything is going smoothly. I also like reading, literature, comics, scientific magazines and science monthly. The contest I attended was the fourth International Junior Science Olympiad competition.

Since Taiwan happened to be the host country in the fourth International Junior Science Olympiad competition, students from Taiwan didn’t have a problem of getting used to the new environment but relatively, we didn’t have the chance to go abroad. During the period of contest, in order to let professors have time to translate questions and grade papers, basically, the contest is on every other day so we had a lot of time to know students from other countries. Because of my poor English and not being good at socializing, I spent most of my time with students from my country. Now, I look back at it and think it is a pity that I didn’t take the chance to get to know foreign students.

The extent of concern of this contest is different for every country. Students from some countries are free to attend it; others like from Taiwan have been selected and trained strictly. Therefore, students’ performances are quite opposite.However, I think this contest would be an unforgettable experience to every student from all countries. From the grand opening ceremony every student wore the traditional costume of their country, wearing business suits to visit a zoo, the experiment test of cutting lemon to make fruit batteries to all students from different countries going out together at night to explore are all remarkable scenes. From my point of view, I think what does matters is things you learned and experiences you had during the contest and what doesn’t matter is whether you won or not.

International Junior Science Olympiad competition to me is a wonderful and treasured experience. They all made a joyful and special memory from intense competitions of selecting processes, hardship of our being trained and intension of contests while the whole course of this contest was full of hardship but it was worthy. I am happy that I am the overall winner and feel that all the hard work I have done is paid back even though it is not the most important thing but I am still contented. Of course, I am grateful to professors for their help and instructions. During the contest, I improved a lot in every aspect. I hope students from all over the world for International Junior Science Olympiad competition will grow, think from different angles and make a lot of friends.

Tung Yu Hung, The Theoretical Winner Of The 5th IJSO

I am an ordinary student from Taiwan, a beautiful country. Optimistic and adventurous, self-confident and full of curiosity, that is me. I have been interested in science since little. I always prefer to stay in labs to do research for a whole day, not by the study but by an insatiable love for exploring surprising facts found within Mother Nature. Sometimes I play basketball with my friends and enjoy our youth, with wind breezing through my hair, the warm of sunshine and the cool water flowing through my throat.

As I began preparing for the selection of the contestant in the Taiwanese team for IJSO, I’ve focused on the courses of physics, chemistry, and biology attempting to make progress. In study, I tend to think and ponder over the problem independently. So by self-studying, I usually sit at my desk researching on theories and formulas. Despite the fact that it is really a laborious process, I believe if I am diligent in my work, I will get an achievement. I love the beauty of Mother Nature, and the surprising beauty of the structure under the surface, Gold proportion of Nautilus, the six-angled world in the snowflake. Just because of these mysterious facts, I have greater interest in researching for science, this is also why I never give up.

Inevitably, sometimes I will be agitated when studying but Mom and Dad always give me support and encouragement, sometimes they accompany me for a walk and sometimes they chat with me and listen to my worries. At school, my friends and I play basketball together to get relieved from all the anxieties and melancholies. I also like to play piano to relax; I love the music surrounding me and appreciate the composer’s expression through his or her creations.

The whole competition was great. Not only did we meet many foreign students but we also went to many museums to see traditional characters of Korea. We watched many ceremonial performances, and are impressed by the beautiful and spectacular sight of CECO. We also listened to the science speech which focus on the most important issues such as global warming or the science exploration like how to make the invisible things visible, which helps me know better about these issues than before.

I’ve never imagined that I would be the best theoretical winner until I was told to get on the stage to receive the prize. Knowing that every student was excellent in science, I was stunned and could hardly believe I was the winner. When I knew it was true, no words could describe my joy. In the moment I received the awarding prize, I gave thanks to my parents, my teachers, my classmates, and their company, giving me support and encouragement, and I finally met their expectation which is to have an outstanding performance. In the future, I will continue to pursue my interest in science, hoping to get Nobel Prize someday.

Chen Yu An, The Overall Winner of The 4th IJSO

I am Yu An, Chen from Taiwan, R.O.C. I hadn’t heard about any kind of international competition in science like International Junior Science Olympiad competition before I went to junior high school. Even I heard this kind of competition; I never thought I would attend it before. Although I was in the special class for intellectual students at the elementary school and attended some courses about creating and thinking, I was not a very outstanding student in studying and my level in mathematics was a little bit better than my other classmates.

I went to a nature science cram school to learn about the courses I was supposed to learn in second year when I was in first year of junior high school. During my studying at cram school, I found out the nature science was very interesting to me and the teacher at cram school even taught us some senior high school courses relating to our junior high school courses. Surprisingly, I absorbed them very well and was totally into them.

In the second semester of my first year of junior high school, I attended a campus International Junior Science Olympiad competition although I couldn’t represent my school for national competition but I was still quite happy for my progress. In the following year, I studied even much harder than before. Eventually, I passed campus and national competitions and stood out in a national selection, becoming a national representative. I never thought it was this smooth going from campus to national competition because I was not very outstanding in the elementary school and not like other students studying mathematics and science ahead of school schedule at cram schools but I was finally in top six in national competition. I think part of the reason why I was in top six is due to my good luck and the other is after becoming a national representative, I started absorbing very hard like an sponge whatever professors taught us.

I was doing well in International Junior Science Olympiad competition. I was awarded a gold medal and win the best theoretical prize. What I treasured very much is the opportunity to meet a lot of top students from all over the world and talk to them. It was quite a unique experience to know people having the same interest as you have although we didn’t talk deeply because of the language barrier but I know we all will continue to make great efforts for our common interest- science. I am very pleased with this competition where I could apply what I learned to it although I was under a lot of stress in the process of preparing for it but I will try to consider it a game and keep my passion for science. I am quite delighted that I met a lot of top students from all over the world. Now, I still keep contact with them and care for them. I am so happy that I could attend the competition. By doing so, I grew up a lot and looked at things from different angles. Attending International Junior Science Olympiad competition is a milestone in my life.